Usage of social media tools by companies

Regarding the social media subject, here is an interesting way to find out in which stage your company is in terms of digital communications and what the next steps are. Check the usage of social media tools by companies:



  • Creating and hosting the company website, including an online press office
  • Securing the worldwide usage of the company name online
  • Ensuring adequate ownership of relevant URLs
  • Managing the internal blog


  • Map current on-line activities
  • Introducing social media guidelines for employees
  • Implementing an internal online/social media communications strategy
  • Introducing an internal company blog
  • Monitoring (but not reacting) blogs


  • Implementing and external online/social media communications strategy
  • Implementing social media guidelines for external usage
  • Ensuring a company presence on Twitter and Facebook
  • Placing corporate videos on YouTube
  • Introducing digital and social media activities into communications job descriptions
  • Introducing an external blog
  • Training all communications staff in social media
  • Appointing specialist’ social media managers’
  • Monitoring online; tracking commentary and identifying advocates and “rejectors”
  • Getting actively involved in discussions on blogs, forums and Twitter
  • Creating an internal version of Wikipedia


  • Actively producing bespoke content designed to take advantage of new channels.
  • Appointing a senior digital communications director
  • Engaging in a significant way in online dialogue
  • Dealing with the company-wide structural implications; for many business social media will impact on PR, corporate communications, promotions, customer relations, HR, customer service, product research and innovation, marketing, etc. Most of these operate in silos and the very structured business could be an obstacle to their social media strategy


Source: The Watson Helsby Reports 2010, Digital Communications and social media – The challenges facing the PR industry

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